Beyond Trauma

It sometimes feels like health and wealth are being threatened by forces out of our control. Repeat news cycles of eviction, poverty, climate crisis and wayward militia can dominate the mind, evident as we endure the George Floyd trial. Links between disease and the environment become more obvious as our collective immune system is attacked just by observation of the viciousness that is sometimes represented as normalcy.

Fortunately, there is a force (not necessarily the police force) that we do have control of. It is the life force; an energy that avails anybody aware it. The energy that fuels hope and opportunities for self-sufficiency. It is often referred to as ancient wisdom and we can draw on it to usher change. Change is not always found delivering fiery podium messages or seeking a ballot box vote. Change may not come in the form of media stories that hype trends. Change is the direction that singularly and then collectively each one of us walks and talks. Each of us, in the form of individual choices, strengthen or weaken collective goals and direction. “People over Profit” is a direction that simplifies the vision of environmental stewardship, and this can be viewed as optional for life, but with dire consequence.

Our visions for a just world can and must expand beyond a trauma response and what is perceived as doable. Social and political boundaries can be redefined for the protection and preservation of important assets, and for self interest. A poverty mindset lacks control of their environment. Time moves on, and this season of water and winds ushers another chance for our enhanced health and wealth. We are granted permissions to take and give as Mother Earth opens to us each year. One of the most important renewal energy sources to humanity is humanity and obedience to natural law.